Maritime & Port Cyber Resilience Summit



November 2018

MPS-ISAO Headquarters

Global Situational Awareness Center 

NASA/Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Global security and prosperity depends upon a safe, secure and resilient Maritime & Port Critical Infrastructure, moving people, manufactured and agricultural goods, healthcare products, bulk energy, and retail products throughout the ecosystem handling $1.3 trillion in annual cargo…all dependent upon cyber resilience.

Moving from a reactive to a proactive security stance requires addressing cybersecurity from a risk-based approach, assessing Maritime- and Port-specific cyber risks and interdependencies, expanding beyond physical aspects of security and safety, and advancing greater information exchange – sharing solutions and coordinated response to enable systems protection, accessibility, reliability and integrity.

The Maritime & Port Security Information Sharing & Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO) will host the Maritime & Port Cyber Resilience Summit, in November 2018 bringing together Government and Industry “Thought Leaders” and “Change Agents” to “Add a New Layer of Cybersecurity Enabling Maritime & Port Cyber Resilience”

This coordinated public- and private-sector partnership allows all Maritime and Port stakeholders to engage and leverage opportunities to become cyber resilient as part of a sector and cross-sector trusted community to advance cybersecurity at a more rapid pace. The Conference agenda is strategically focused on opportunities to guide cybersecurity protection and resilience sustainability efforts for Maritime and Port stakeholders, participate in sector and cross-sector best practice collaborative initiatives, exercises, and benefit from enhancing cyber resilience workforce education capabilities.

Call for Proposals and  Key Dates for Submission – Announced February 2018!